CPS TabFlow (EN)

With CPSTabFlow the creation of publication with a lot of excel tables will be a clear an efficeint workflow, even when the organsiation of involved persons is complex.

If you have to produce a financial report, annual report, quaterly report, complex price lists, complex technical sheets or a aresearch paper with the CPSTabFlow you have the possibility to get the data direct from Excel into InDesign. The update in InDesign is fully automatic and the Excel document can hold the data in different sheets. CPSTabFlow is an intelligent system with a full version control of the delivered Excel-documents.

If you have a multilanguage publication, or you have different versions of your Excel data because everything is in process, CPSTabFlow helps you to get everytime the correct data. So you minimalize the administration work and you enhance the quality of your content in the publication.

Connection beween InDesign CS6/CCx und Excel 2003 / Excel 2007
CPSTabFlow is a complete webbased workflow-system and is a extension to the existing standardintegration of Adobe InDesign CS6/CCx. The system is an complete workflow who can be positioned temporally upstream into a editorial system. CPSTabFlow can be used as a stand-alone system or can be ochestrated wit the other CPS Modules.

No Programming
The handling of the system is really easy. You don’t have to program a new workflow. To create the templates for the workflow, you can use the standard tools in InDesign. These tools were enhanced with the CPSTabFlow functionalities. The user has the possibility to reuse templates in the InDesign library. With the CPSTabFlow PlugIn, the contents in the excel documents were connected with the tables in InDesign. To create a visually perfect table in InDesign all the formats can be defined in InDesign and only the contents are delivered fom Excel. All created InDesign Files can be checked in into every editorial system. CPSTabFlow gives you an elegant method for the complex task to create a publication with a lot of tables.

Automatic comparison of the tables in an update process
A special tool in CPSTabflow is the comparison tool of tables. If you make an update in CPSTabFlow, the system shows you the old current version and the new one. In this comparison you see the difference of both tables.

CPSTabFlow as a collaboration tool
The aim of CPSTabflow is to create a consistent and controllable workflow. CPSTabFlow becomes a production and collaboration system revolutioning the work process in this context. The patency of the workflow connects all involved persons, in which everybody has the overview over the whole production process.

A  Webportal connects agency and company
Agency an Company have an advantage with CPSTabFlow. With a web portal the client can checkin the Excel Files. The agency can connect the contents of this Excel Files the first time with the Tabels in InDesign in the different articles. After that the client can update the Excel Files and each table in each InDesign will be updated automatically. Each step made in the system is protocolled, and each step can be reportet.