CPS Planner (EN)

The planning and production system for printed material (flyers, advertising materials, brochures, etc.) is the heart piece of CPSCorporate Publisher and CPSRemote and a full-blown process planning and process control software. CPSPlanner allows to set text and image data from different systems (ERP, Image DB, …) and place them  by dragging and dropping into predefined layouts.

With the XML export it is possible to realize a highly integrated connection external production systems (catalog production systems such as CATS, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, UltraXML, …), as well as to remote systems (such as Adobe Document Server or Quark Dynamic Document Server).

So you can create a seamless integration from planning to production for the the whole prepress envoronment. With CPSPlanner you can avoid system breakdowns.

Used technologies:

– SQL Server, mySQL

Layout systems:
– QuarkXPress, InDesign… all systems who can work with XML Data.

Operating system:
– Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Win8, Win10
– MacOS X 10.3 or higher

CPSPlanner is atool who can read data from different source databases and put this data into a predefined layout. With CPSPlanner Clients you can join different data from different databases into one layout. The integration of CPSPlanner with the source databases is really easy and can beo done without programming knowledge. In the current version you can use all SQL databases. The creation of the layout in CPSPlanner is easy, graphically and intuitive.

After the data are in the page in CPSPlanner, the page can be exported as an XML Stream to the production systems. The XML Stream contains each information about form and content. So the production system is able to build up the whole page. If required, after this build up process the production team can do the fine tunig of the page in the layoutprogram. After this fine tuning the layouter can resend the status back to CPSPlanner, so the whole production process is fully integrated.

CPSPlanner is for all this companies who hold their publishing data in different databases like ERP or/and CMS. With CPSPlanner the Head of Marketing is able to plan the whole product and delegate the different pages of the product to different product managers. The product managers are able to define the content of their pages and can communicate with this tool with the desktop team.

System requirements

– MySQL Server 2003, MySQL Server 2003 Express or higher
– Tomcat V.6.0 or higher
– Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP, Win8, Win10
– MacOS X 10.3 or higher
– Java 1.4 or higher