About us

Projektmanagement Medici was foundet by Lorenzo Medici 1989. In the first years we strated a close partnership with A&F Computer Systeme AG. This partnership is still valid today.

Starting 1993 we made first developement for QuarkXPress (XTensions). This was the beginning to create the knowlegdge for database publishing, for catalogues and for the ads.

1998 we changed the comapnty to a private limited company.  (Projektmanagement Medici AG).
Starting 1998 we developped Application for Macintosh and for Windows.

In 2003 we created the CPSPlanner with a project team in China. This was our first project we made with external developers.

Starting from 2005 PM Medici AG has the opportunity to work with developers in India.

In 2014 PM Medici AG created the art-website coolarts.ch which was launched in 2015.

In 2016 PM Medici AG created the CarFinder. This solution helps to find a car in a car park. This solutiuon is based on IOS and Android and uses the baecons technology.