Woodwing Projects

Woodwing Projects

Bonifatius (DE)

Interface to an authoring tool

Woodwing Server PlugIn for the online connection of an authoring tool to Woodwing.


Neue Luzerner Zeitung

Online Connection to the image database hugo

Woodwing Server PlugIn for the online search in the image database hugo used in the Content Station.


Funke Medien (De)

Analysis of existing InDesign and Woodwing related programms, and reprogramming these parts to new needs.



DigiMag Exporter

With DigiMag Exporter it’s easy to setup article for printed editions to an an article for digital publication. DigiMag Exporter generates the required XML File and setup the required data for the DigiMag Transformer.

DigiMag Transformer

DigiMag-Transformer allows an efficent production for your digital magazine. DigiMag Transformer bases on the Digital Magazine Tools of Woodwing. With DigiMag-Transformer you can deposit templates which are filled up automaticly. The templates supports the funnctionality of the Digital Magazine Tools of Woodwing (HotSpot, Slide, Scrollable Text).