Prepress projects

Prepress projects

CATA / Diogenes publishing company

Engine for the production for all marketing content which takes all information from the ERP system and allows to setup the information into a new context. The production of the marketing material is automaticly.


BCGenerator / Kromer AG

Generator for massproduction of barcodes.


Rebranding / Credit Suisse

Project for the rebranding. Programm who analyses thousends of existing PDF Files, finding the old logo and replaces the old logo with the new one.


Image Protect / Axel Springer Verlag (DE)

InDesign PlugIn for the analyse of the InDesign documents to guarantee the image rights. Integrated automatic copyright detection.


Bündner Amtsblätter / SOMEDIA

XSLT-program for transfomation of XML data direct into InDesign TAGS. (XSLT Parser).


catalog production

– Kaladent (CATS)

– NZZ-Fretz AG (HILSA Catalogues)

– Odlo (CATS)

– touristic catalog Saas-Fee


– Migros Klubschule

– Voigt

– Swiss governement Whos‘ who