Tells you where you parked your can in a park house


A park house with the Carfinder System tells to the car drivers where they have parked the car when they leave the park house. This message will be sent as a push message to theiy mobile device. The car driver can open the message and receives additional information about the park house and the stores around this specific parkhouse. The stores can publish advertising with the latest offers and promotions over this platform. This kind of promotion is very effectiv, because two minutes later the potentionally client passes the store.

The App is not invasive. The Client is not spammed with not relevant informations. The ads are actual and because they are reduced only to the stores around the park house, they are relevant.
We do not store any personal data on our server, and the User receives the messages even when he hast started the app. It is sufficient when the app is only installed on the mobile device.