CPS RedSys (EN)

Coordinates your text and translations worldwide

CPS RedSys is an editorial system who is fully integrated into the CPS system. CPSRedsys administrates and controls  the lifecycle of each component in a publication (text, table, image). The contents can be created with different editors like InDesign, InCopy, Microsoft Word or Web-based editors. Textcorrections or translations to internal or external departements are triggered in the background automaticly.

CPSRedsys enables a full integrated workflow with the control of each status of each component over the full production process. The control page of an issue suite conatins not only the edition of one language. It contains the whole issue suite, this means the edition of each langugae. So it’s eays to see which component must be translated or is currently in translation.
For each Component it’s possible to set a deadline. In the controlpage of CPSRedSys each component will be signed when it is delayed.

CPSRedSys is a workflow and productionsystem with an integrated browser-based content management system for the creation of multilanguage publications.
CPSRedSys was created for the coorporate publishing and uses the «Text before Layout» – concept. For magazines the produciton – concept «Layout before Text» was implemented.  In the web-to-print field this is an advantage. Very often the creation of text is completely independet of the layout. In these cases the text is written in Microsoft word, Adobe InCopy of in an Web-Browser-editor. To fit the texts into the layout they must have a maximum of lenght. For this it’s possible to set the length with a defined number of character, or in the case we use InDesign as Layout Engine we can use the InDesign server to set the text into the system. In this case we see dirctly if the text fits into the given layout.
CPSRedSys takes care of this production conditions and guarantees the correct definition of each element. Moreover CPSRedSys gives the possibility to have a consequent overwiev over the whole produciton process.
CPSRedSys is a modulare system. For the different needs are different modules helping to resolve the required tasks.

CPSRedSys architecture



This area enables planning and controlling for the whole production.
TraSys controls the synchronisation for all automated processes. (correction, translate processes, synchronisation of the different versions of texts….)

Editorial staff

The editorial staff uses the browser-based editor. With this applkication it’s possible to checkin and checkout texts and images.
Of course it’s possible to have an overview over the whole production process in the web based application.


The production can release the finished component (texts, images) and in the layout Tools InDesign or Quark-XPress work for the finish, if microtypographical need are required and so finish the pages.


External translation services are connected with a SOAP interface. Over this connection the texts are delivered and will be taked back to the system. TraSys picks up the translated/corrected text and put the texts into the defined workflow.

Supports „Text before Layout“ und „Layout before Text“

Used technologies:
– SQL Server, mySQL, mariaDB
– Apache Tomcat
– Web-Browser

Operating system:
– Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Windows 8, Windows 10
– MacOS 10.6 or higher